7 ways to improve your homes curb appeal


Whether you’re selling your home or simply trying to spruce it up, improving its curb appeal is a great way to go. Not only will that enhance its value, but also create a lovely space for you and your family. After you’ve done your lead water test and home mold testing, it’s time to focus on the curb appeal. While a lovely curb appeal is enticing to buyers, it will also create an atmosphere that you are happy to return home to. Let’s look at 7 ways you can improve your curb appeal today.


Be Creative With Your Front Door

The front door is usually the first thing people see when looking at your home. Since first impressions are everything, this is your chance to be bold and make a statement. Take pride in the quality of your door. Polish knobs clean off dirt and add a fresh coat of colorful paint to really bring its character.


Upgrade outdoor hardware and fixtures

It can be easy to just forget about old fixtures and hardware like mailboxes, lights, rails, stairs and other fixtures you may have in your front yard. Take this time to modernize all those items and it will instantly deliver a new look to your home’s curb appeal.


Strive for Symmetry

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. However old it may be, it never gets old. If you place a potted plant on one side of your door, place the same plant on the other side. The same is true for lights and other decorative items. Shoot for symmetry and things will appear instantly organized.


Outdoor Lighting Matters

There are many options for outdoor lighting styles and options. Whether you are shooting for a bohemian look or a more modern minimalist style, you can achieve that with outdoor lighting. Carefully place your lights around trees or to illuminate certain areas. This can help you enhance your curb appeal while also serving a practical purpose.


Go Green

This is one way to really kick up your curb appeal. Go green by creating a lovely garden in front of your home. This will definitely give your home a vibe that passerby’s and guests are welcomed by. While you’re creating the garden, try to also purchase a few houseplants to add to your home. You may be asking why you should have house plants? There are many benefits to adding house plants inside your home. They can enhance everything from your health to your mood and beyond.


Utilize Window Boxes

Window boxes are a great way to add some flair and personality to your home. There are many window boxes you can purchase ready-made. If you’re feeling in a DIY mood, you can also try your hand at crafting a few. They are a simple, easy to make thing that won’t break the bank.


Get Funky With Outdoor Art

Everyone loves a bit of outdoor art. That can be anything from a small fountain to a large sculpture or beyond. Keep in mind that you should strive for symmetry to make the biggest impact.


Now that you know how to improve your home’s curb appeal, get out there and have fun. Upgrading your home can be a fun and exciting process.


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