Things to look out for when renovating your home with pets:

  1. Keep your animals routine the same, more often than most pets get anxious around loud noises they are unfamiliar with so keeping their scheduled routine can help keep them more calm.
  2. Try to give them a safe area of the home that is construction free. It helps keep them calm knowing that they have a safe place if they are not feeling at ease.
  3. Keep them distracted with activities. As soon as the crew arrives, take your dog for a lengthy walk or spend extended time in the backyard. Hit up the dog park or even take a trip hiking and exploring. If you go for a day trip, don’t forget to bring a first aid kit. If it’s summer.
  4. r, watch for signs of overheating. Bonus: getting out of the house will also calm you down. Renovator pros find that they can easily work on dog training if the safe room is far enough away from the noise, or in the backyard. Create an impromptu agility course for dogs, or hide treats in nooks and crannies for a scavenger hunt as well.
  5. Be prepared for an accident. Have your emergency vet number easily accessible (either by magnet on the fridge or saved in your mobile phone) in case of any accidents. Everything from accidental ingestion of materials to physical injury will require fast thinking and a cool head. Having pet insurance can dramatically off-set these costs sign up at least 15 days before the renovation to make you’re your pets are completely covered.As stressful as renovations can be for you, they can also take a toll on pets who don’t understand what’s happening. Take a moment to consider your dog or cat and how they may react, and figure out the best plan for your furry family. If your cat is high-strung or your dog doesn’t like to be around loud noise, dropping them off at Grandma’s may be the best choice for the week
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