Lead Testing and Inspection in Denver, CO

Why Should You Test for Lead?

Exposure to lead can have an adverse effect on almost every organ and system in your body. It can cause abdominal pain, neurologic changes, and irritability. 

Exposure to high levels of lead can be fatal.

Children under 6 years of age are at the greatest risk because they are more frequently exposed to lead dust on the ground, on toys, or on any surface they can reach.

A lead inspection easily tells you if you and your family are exposed to lead from lead-based paint.

Where is Lead Found?

If your home or office was built before 1978, there is a high probability it has lead-based paint. Lead from paint, including lead-contaminated dust, is one the leading causes of lead poisoning.

Lead paint is found in many homes, usually hidden under newer layers of paint. Deteriorating paint is a health hazard and should be tested right away.

You can find lead in your drinking water and household plumbing. Lead can leach into your water as it flows through the plumbing system. You can even find lead in hobby materials like stained glass or glazed pottery.

Possible Sources of Lead Include:

  • Paint
  • Pipes
  • Toys
  • Gasoline
  • Batteries
  • Cosmetics
  • Ammunition
  • Cement
  • Solder
  • Furniture

Types of Lead Testing

Testing for lead is performed using non-intrusive machines, paint chip samples, dust wipes, and water sampling.

Lead testing can only be performed accurately by a Certified Lead Testing Professional. Teton Environmental uses a high-powered Viken Pb200i XRF, the most advanced lead paint analyzer in the lead-testing industry.

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1. How much is a lead test?

A whole house lead test starts at $425. Price can go up based on total square feet, bed/baths, components of house, and exterior buildings. 

If getting windows, siding, or door replaced, test starts at $160.

2. What do you use for lead test?

We use a non-destructive XRF machine that analyzes multiple layers of paint in seconds.

3. What are symptoms of lead poisoning?

Symptoms of lead poisoning include developmental delays, abdominal pain, neurologic changes, and irritability. At very high levels it can be fatal.

Other people may experience constipation, vomiting, fatigue, pain in abdomen or joints, headache, and memory loss.

4. How do you get rid of lead-based paint?

To mitigate lead paint you strip all the layers of paint off. Or paint multiple layers over existing paint to seal it and ensure it is non friable.

5. Why is lead harmful in drinking water?

Exposure to lead, a toxic metal, can result in severe health consequences, particularly in pregnant women and children, including developmental delays, lowered IQ, and nervous system damage. It is essential to identify and address any lead contamination to ensure the safety of your drinking water. One way to identify the presence of lead in your drinking water is by conducting a lead water test, which involves analyzing the quantity of lead present in the water.

6. Do you use lead stick test?

Stick tests are inaccurate and should not be used. 

Dillon Frisk
Dillon Frisk
October 25, 2023.
Kyle went out of his was to get the mold test performed for me ASAP. I live in an apartment in Denver and I have been complaining of water leaking into my apartment for months. I had an allergic reaction to something and had to call 911 for a ride to the ER. I called Kyle at Teton Environmental on a Sunday. He responded right away and came out next day for mold inspection/test. Kyle took air samples from bedroom and the wall in bedroom where mold was visible and took moisture readings from over a dozen spots where water damage was visible. The results came back quickly from the lab and Kyle sent a detailed and very thorough report. I would recommend Kyle and Teton Environmental to anyone suspecting mold where they reside. Can’t put a price on your health let alone piece of mind!
Aina Minks
Aina Minks
October 24, 2023.
Kyle is so kind! Very helpful guy, he gave us a lot of advice and was generally a pleasant fella! 😍🤩 The services he provided were great, too!
Sheri Frazier
Sheri Frazier
October 23, 2023.
Arrived when he said he would. Friendly and efficient. Answered all my questions.
mark delarosa
mark delarosa
October 18, 2023.
was very professional. He also did a great job of explaining what the process was. He was very respectful of my dogs and a great listener.
Sharon Biamon
Sharon Biamon
October 18, 2023.
Very courteous, and in and out in no time.
Jorge Alvarez
Jorge Alvarez
October 16, 2023.
Teton was very comprehensive and clear on what was being tested and why. They take their job very seriously and they were very responsive. Quality work!
Lynda Jones
Lynda Jones
October 14, 2023.
Great job! A pleasure to work with..
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