Radon is a very real threat not only to people but also to pets. Radon exposure can actually be even more deadly for dogs and cats because they are in the home much longer throughout the day and night compared to their human companions. The decaying particles of radon gas can be breathed in and then lead to lung cancer in pets. Animals may even develop other cancer based on radon having a carcinogenic effect. If your dog or cat is suffering from cancer brought on by radon gas they may not want to eat, be feverish, have a hard time breathing regularly, or suffer from excessive throwing up. If your pets are suffering from these symptoms get your home tested for radon and bring your pet to the vet to see what kind of health treatment they will recommend for your pet.


The best time to do a radon testing in your house or workplace is as soon as possible. A radon test is a simple test that you can buy at home stores. Testing is done by hanging an envelope like container in the basement or lower level of your home and then sealing it up after the allotted time and mail it into the lab recommended on the packet. You can also contact any local business near you that does radon tests for them to do it for you. If your radon test comes out to be above 4.0 pCi/L your home will need a radon mitigation system.

If your home exceeds the amount of 4.0 pCi/L your next step is radon mitigation. Radon mitigation is a process of removing radon from the home and dispersing it to the exterior of the home. This radon reduction installation involves a radon technician putting a removal radon system pipe into the lower levels of a house with a fan at the top of it that leads to outside the house which should create a pulling effect that removes some or most of the radon.

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