Cleaning, in general, can be a big task, but deep cleaning and organizing in the heat of summer can be difficult.

Summer cleaning is vital as well, and many people don’t realize that summer cleaning differs from spring cleaning. With weather being hotter and kids being home, summer cleaning takes on a life of its own. Understanding the tasks involved in spring cleaning and summer cleaning can help you keep a beautiful home year-round.

Moving from room to room can make things must easier. I always start with the “hardest” room which is the kitchen, then I move on to the bathrooms, living room, and last the bedroom and closest.

  1. Kitchen: Start with cleaning the refrigerator completely out. That means take expired food and condiments out, and all the shelves and drawers as well.
    1. I always wash out all of the Tupperware and deep cleaning all of the shelves, by scrubbing the glass and metal wiring.
    2. Next, soak the drawers in soapy hot water to get all of the gross bacteria off without putting gross chemicals on it.
    3. Look through all of your condiments and take out the ones that are expired. Rinse them out and recycle.
    4. After the refrigerator is done move on to the countertops and your stove. Making sure your stove and oven are clean is a must because that is where you prepare and cook your food. Use a mild all-purpose cleaner let it soak for at least 3 minutes and wipe away.
    5. The last task for the kitchen is to sweep and mop the floor.
  2. Bathrooms: start by adding a toilet bowl cleaner and let it soak. Next, you want to clear off the counter space by taking off all of the accessories.
    1. next, add bartenders helper to the bathtub and shower with a little water and like the toilet let it soak. By letting it soak it saves you scrubbing time.
    2. Clean around the toilet and the go back to scrubbing they actual toilet bowl. Make sure you get the back of the bowl as well that is where most of the bacteria are especially if you live with any boys.
    3. Finish it off by sweeping and mopping the floor.
  3. Living Room: When cleaning the living room it’s mostly just tidying up and dusting.
    1. Start off with removing all the items off of the coffee table and any other surface. If things aren’t where they are supposed to be then start dusting and using a wood polish to clean the surfaces.
    2. After everything is put back in place and the dust is all gone, you can end the living room with vacuuming your rugs and or carpet.
  4. Bedroom: If you have multiple rooms or children’s rooms, start with those and then end with your own room.
    1. Start by making your bed, I can’t express this enough making your bed makes your room look so much cleaner.
    2. Next Start by organizing your laundry (Darks, lights, and delicates) it helps me to take everything to the laundry room rather than keeping it all in your closet or on the floor of your room.
    3. Next dust all services and clean off your nightstands. Having a cluttered nightstand can be hectic when you are trying to get ready for bed. Make sure you don’t forget the fan. If you keep your fan on all the time like I do then you know how gross your fan gets.
    4. End the cleaning by vacuuming your room. If you have pets then sprinkling down some odor remover and vacuuming that up as well.
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